Elon Musk: This Will Be Bigger Than Tesla

I'm talking about Elon Musk's Optimus robots. These robots will make it cheaper to manufacture goods here in America than China and I predict between now and January 9, 2024, AI technology will open a "wealth window" that could be the biggest wealth-building opportunity of your lifetime.


Stock market today: Asian shares slip after Wall Street ends its best month of '23 with big gains

HONG KONG (AP) — Asian shares declined on Friday even after Wall Street closed out its best month of the year with big gains in November.

Stock market today: Asian shares mixed ahead of US consumer confidence and price data

BANGKOK (AP) — Shares were mixed in Asia on Tuesday after Wall Street benchmarks edged lower as investors waited for updates on inflation and how American consumers are feeling about the economy.

"Bitcoin Is Dead" (Buy This Instead) - Ad

There's one investment hiding in the shadows of the crypto market positioned to grow 20 times bigger than bitcoin. Very soon this "Next Generation Coin" will be a cornerstone of the $100 trillion financial industry. The best part -- you can get started with as little as $20.

Stock market today: Asian shares mostly fall after Wall Street rallies

TOKYO (AP) — Asian shares mostly fell Wednesday although a strong report on U.S. consumer confidence and hopes the Federal Reserve is finished with its aggressive interest rate hikes sent shares higher on Wall Street.

This Defi Coin Could 10X Soon... - Ad

Do NOT miss this opportunity for life-changing gains this year. Experts are predicting this coin has potential for unprecedented growth. Even a small position could deliver 10x returns or greater very soon. Timing is everything.

How major US stock indexes fared Friday, 11/24/2023

Stocks closed mixed Friday after a half-day trading session capped a holiday shortened week.

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Money & Markets modules for Saturday, Nov. 25, 2023

Defi Coin Triggers All "Buy" Signals and Could Break Out Soon - Ad

Some are calling this the most promising DeFi project since Ethereum itself. Here's the #1 DeFi Coin Set to Soar. While Bitcoin grabs headlines, this lesser known DeFi coin is quietly gearing up for a monster rally. Experts say now is the time to buy before it reaches escape velocity.

How major US stock indexes fared Wednesday, 11/22/2023

Stocks closed higher on Wall Street, keeping the market on track for a fourth straight weekly gain.

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Viral Video About Tesla Driving 752 Miles on a Single Charge - Ad

A prototype Tesla is sending shockwaves through the auto industry: It drove 752 miles... On a single battery charge! The secret? A new type of battery I call "Forever Lithium"...that could "emerge as the dominant chemistry for Tesla." An obscure Indiana firm is now positioned to potentially mint more millionaires than the rise of Tesla....

After the dollar-loving Milei wins the presidency, Argentines anxiously watch the exchange rate

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — As soon as Leandro Francisco Diana woke up Tuesday, he reached for his phone like many Argentines on the first business day after the .

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This AI Threat Is Robbing Americans of Billions - Ad

It doesn't matter if you own a single AI stock -- this new threat could end up robbing you of thousands of dollars in just a matter of minutes. Anyone with a phone or a personal computer is at risk. If you're not prepared, you could be next.

How major US stock indexes fared Monday, 11/20/2023

Wall Street posted solid gains to begin a holiday-shortened week, reaching its highest level in more than three months.

Small A.I. Firm Wins $2 Billion in Contracts for Breakthrough "Living Software" - Ad

Denver firm proves its possible to use AI to save the lives of soldiers in combat. England, Germany, Japan and Australia have all signed contracts within the past 18 months.

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Money & Markets modules for Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023

Stock market today: Asian stocks pulled lower by profit warnings and signs the US economy is slowing

HONG KONG (AP) — Asian stocks were mostly lower Friday after Wall Street drifted to a mixed finish as momentum slowed following a strong rally in the first half of November.

What Stock Do These 3 Billionaires Have in Common? - Ad

This stock already boasts twice Tesla's returns, but now...three well-known billionaires are piling in. Brand-new analysis reveals the full story, including the names of these billionaires -- and the stock.

Stock market today: Asian shares wobble and oil prices fall after Biden's meeting with China's Xi

BANGKOK (AP) — Asian shares have retreated after Wall Street added a bit more to its big rally from a day before, while U.S. futures and oil prices were lower.

Why Elon Musk Is Betting BIG on This 752-Mile Battery - Ad

A prototype Tesla drove 752 MILES... in the dead of winter... on a single charge. The secret? A new investment Nomi Prins calls the "EV Master Key." Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates are piling in, too. Find out why it could mint more new millionaires than the rise of Tesla....

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Target: Fiscal Q3 Earnings Snapshot

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Target Corp. (TGT) on Wednesday reported fiscal third-quarter profit of $971 million.

41 Banks Launch Radical New Tech -- Is Yours Next? - Ad

Your bank could soon adopt a powerful new technology that'll have some big implications for your money. At least 41 different banks are already rolling it out, with official support from the Federal Reserve. These changes could leave many people in the dark, but you don't have to be one of them.

Fortress Biotech: Q3 Earnings Snapshot

BAY HARBOR ISLAND, Fla. (AP) — BAY HARBOR ISLAND, Fla. (AP) — Fortress Biotech Inc. (FBIO) on Tuesday reported a loss of $5 million in its third quarter.

Did You Get Your Free Bitcoin Yet? - Ad

Limited-Time Offer: Attend one of our enlightening workshops this week and receive $10 in Bitcoin as our thank you for your engagement. No catch. No purchase necessary.

Affimed N.V.: Q3 Earnings Snapshot

HEIDELBERG, Germany (AP) — HEIDELBERG, Germany (AP) — Affimed N.V. (AFMD) on Tuesday reported a loss of $26.5 million in its third quarter.

Anterix: Fiscal Q2 Earnings Snapshot

WOODLAND PARK, N.J. (AP) — WOODLAND PARK, N.J. (AP) — Anterix Inc. (ATEX) on Monday reported fiscal second-quarter net income of $2.1 million, after reporting a loss in the same period a year earlier.

Digital Dollar Could Send These Three Stocks Booming - Ad

A digital dollar (or CBDC) could soon replace the U.S. dollar. Most people could end up holding worthless dollars. But a few could get rich from this new shift. If you know the necessary steps to take right now, not only will you protect your money, you could come out of this shift wealthier than you ever thought possible. But you need to act fast.

Stock market today: Asian shares are mostly lower in quiet trading ahead of Biden-Xi meeting

HONG KONG (AP) — Shares edged lower Monday in quiet trading in Asia ahead of a meeting this week between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

How major US stock indexes fared Friday, 11/10/2023

Wall Street rose sharply to add to an already strong November, which is on track to be one of the market’s best months of the year.

Forget Tesla. This Is Bigger - Ad

It's bigger than Tesla... And bigger than SpaceX. Financial pioneer Teeka Tiwari believes this AI technology will trigger the biggest boom in history... Giving you, the early investor, a chance to completely transform your financial future.

Ransomware attack on China's biggest bank disrupts Treasury market trades, reports say

BEIJING (AP) — A financial services business of China’s biggest bank says it was it by a ransomware attack that reportedly disrupted trading in the U.S. Treasury market.

CareTrust REIT: Q3 Earnings Snapshot

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (AP) — SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (AP) — CareTrust REIT Inc. (CTRE) on Thursday reported a key measure of profitability in its third quarter. The results missed Wall Street expectations.


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